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A maybe solution for your power window switches not working **Pic heavy**

Discussion in '3rd Gen 4Runners (1996-2002)' started by ZO4, May 8, 2018.

  1. May 8, 2018 at 11:59 AM

    ZO4 [OP] Cheapo

    May 7, 2018
    First Name:
    1998 Anthracite Metallic 4Runner, Limited Edition, 3.4L 5VZ-FE engine
    32 inch LED bar installed in valence Wal-Mart Foglights on bumper Cheapo Harbor Freight Air horns underneath body Completely bone stock

    There was a time where my passenger side power window switch was not working. It only worked in one way, and that way was rolling down and never rolling back up. It didn't annoy me at first, but then it started to get really in the way as I had to do it myself and start rolling it up on the driver's side controls. I started searching online for a replacement part and found it would cost, and just for a aftermarket, non-Toyota part, $15! Me being me, I am very budget-minded and I do not have the necessary funds to upgrade, or to replace a lot of the parts of my 4Runner, so I thought to share this simple fix of any power window switch in your 4Runner, and maybe this applies to any other car model and brand.

    Tools needed:
    • Mini flathead screwdriver or something small to pry with (Toothpick, fork, knife, etc)
    • Electric connector cleaner (If not having this at hand, acetone/nail polish remover will work just as well. Just make sure your wife/girlfriend doesn't find out!)
    • Cottons swabs or a clean small rag.
    First things first, pop off the bezel of your power switch on the door(s), and take them inside because the Texas heat is miserable in where I live.

    I have a Limited edition, but it wouldn't matter as much, as they are similar to other models of 3rd Gens.


    Flip it over and grab whatever pry tool you have on have to put it between the two tabs as shown here


    Press each tab inwards gently, as 20 year old plastic has a tendency at this point to start being brittle, and you should end up with the entire switch assembly out of the bezel


    Next, start prying between the sides of the switch, careful not cracking the housing or snapping off the white nubs that holds it together

    Taking it apart, you are greeted by these two metal parts and the conducts inside the switch. Inside it's a bit dirty, so this is when you go ahead and clean it out with the cotton swabs and acetone. These metal tabs is what actives the power window going up and going down, but sometimes it's not the contacts that is failing as you will see in a bit.

    As stated before, the contacts at time may not be failing, but could be the SPRINGS!
    Inside the housing of the actual button that you press is springs, with small nubs over them, and over time, they get compressed or are entirely broken, which can be easily stretched or replaced entirely as shown below.
    20180508_123546.jpg 20180508_123626.jpg20180508_123705.jpg

    Start reassembling everything in reverse order, and start working the switches in back and forward, having audible clicks in both directions. Putting the switch back in the bezel, and putting it back in your 4Runner.
    Give it a test run and hopefully it does work. If it doesn't, then go ahead and buy that new switch. You can afford it, but I try to penny pinch and it's a small little nuisance that doesn't really bother a lot of people, and I try to fix any part on my 4Runner that can be fixed on the spot and working until utter failure.
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