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“Sometimes, making the wrong choice is better than making no choice. You have the courage to move forward, that is rare. A person who stands at the fork, unable to decide, will never get anywhere.” - Sword of Truth Series. As we start this new year 2022, I’ve been reflecting on all the things i’ve wanted to do, to accomplish, but just never made time for. In the famous words of Robert Mcall: “Progress, Not Perfection” - that’s my NYR. Fear is paralyzing. I have made mistakes this last year, huge ones, but I don’t want to be standing still anymore due to fear, I want to own my choices and move forward, even if that means making mistakes. This very concept is why I chose my profile name; getting Lost is sometimes the best part of an adventure, and often times in life, feeling lost is like the reset button you need in order to clear away distractions and get yourself on the path you truly care about. You can stare at the beauty of a car and admire her all you want, but until you open the door and jump into the drivers seat, you won’t truly understand that indescribable feeling of driving a vehicle you love and truly believe to be a living breathing thing - plus you wont be going anywhere either. This page is something I’ve been wanting to create for years now, and I’m finally taking the plunge, thanks to the support of some amazing people. This account is all about adventure and exploring new places with a focus on my trusty 4Runner. Thank you for reading this far and for the support! Drop a like and follow - Lots of cool things to come, including a deep dive of my profile name and a reveal of the artwork my profile photo is from - which is a special commissioned piece by the amazingly talented & hardworking @ecstatic.psd showcasing my unique 4R. Join me in this new Adventure! I promise, you wont be disappointed. #GetLost #TheLostYota #AdventureAwaits #MountainsAreCalling #4runnersdaily #hawaiioffroadyotas #4runnermafia #4runnernation #offroad4x4 #adventurenthusiasts @toyotacanada @toyota #toyota4runner #4runnertrdoffroad #4runneroffroad #4runner #t4r #4runnernation #4runnerscom #4runnermafia #4runnermods #4runnerdaily #4runnerfreaks #letsgoplaces
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